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Are you insured? Yes we are fully insured.

How long will the cleaning take? It usually takes between 1.5-4 hours to clean an oven, depending on the size and type of oven and what condition it is in.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean? You can use the oven immediately after we have finished our job.

What else do we clean? We are able to valet your hob, extractor, microwave oven, chip fryer, BBQ and in fact, any cooking related equipment.

I have a self-cleaning oven but it seems to be a bit dirty… Most self cleaning ovens do not reach the temperatures required for the self cleaning process to be effective. Over a period of time, the porous panels become greasy and clogged.

What chemicals do you use to clean ovens? We use specially formulated, caustic free and bio degradable products, thus giving superior results every time, without damaging surfaces, such as stainless steel, aluminium, glass or enamel.

What does a professional oven clean involve? A professional oven clean entails the removal of all knobs, grills, fan covers, linings and seals. These are then submerged in our specially formulated solutions; even the doors are removed and split, in order to clean the internal door glass.

How do I book an appointment with you? You can book your oven cleaning  appointment with us by telephone or email. Visit our contact page for further details.

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